For Casting & Melting of all kinds of cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, S. G. iron, Aluminum, Brass, Copper & Gun-metal.

a. Coupla, Induction & Basic Ramming Mass (For best results and maximum heat resistant strength in lining inside the furnace)

b. Fire Clay Powder
(Highly plastic lime free fine mesh heat proof clay)

c. Bentonite Powder
(Highly plastic clay to be used as binder in moulding sand)

d. Soapstone Powder
(“Talc” silky powder for use in foundry, paper and soap industries)

e. China Clay Powder
(Highly Plastic Alumina Clay to be used as filler in soap, rubber and paint industries)

f. Chalk Powder
(Porbandar micro-fine clay used as filler in Rubber & Paint industries)

g. Fire Bricks in all shapes
(Std. & Side Arch, Used fire bricks for repair, Coupla Mouth & Burner Blocks in all sizes)

h. De-gasser, Neuclant, Grain-Refiner, Die-coats for surface finish for Aluminum, Brass
Copper and Gun-metal castings.

i. Graphite Powder & Graphite Crucibles.
(All kind of natural and blended water and thinner based graphites upto 80-85% purity. Graphite crucibles from size-0no. to 350no. in very reputed quality.)

j. Starch & Dextrine Powder
(Maize starch and yellow dextrine)

Highly Plastic Clay for Rubber, Soap, Paints and Chemical Industries

Special Clay for Rubber & Paint Industries

Special Filler Clay Powder for Soap, Rubber, Paint and Paper Industries.

Flux to be used for Ferrous and Non -Ferrous Melting to regain its original properties.

Mud- Highly Plastic, Gel-Alkaline clay with high swelling index in micro-fine mesh for the use in deep drilling tube-wells, pilling in foundations for multi-storey buildings, bridges etc., export quality in nature.