Fire bricks are fire proof heat resistant bricks made with special clay and minerals to operate on high temperatures such as oil, coal and rice husk fired furnaces. Our quality fire bricks are used for maximum fuel saving and are very energy efficient and can be used hassle free for a long period of time without maintenance.

Acid proof bricks are Silica bricks used for the lining in acid preserving tanks. Acid proof bricks are non-porous and acid resistant to any kind of acid and chloride solutions for all chemical, fertilizers and paper industries.

Insulation bricks STD. size (230x115x76mm) are used as back up insulation with fire bricks for the insulation of furnace and thus saves the heat loss and therefore, cuts the fuel cost and reduces operational time and helps increasing production. The proper insulation of furnace is most essential with genuine products to reduce the fuel consumptions.

Special Shape Heavy Sized Fire Bricks as per Your drawings.

Fire bricks comes with alumina (Al2O3) contents from 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% & 90% for using on higher temperature as per usage. Fire bricks made with special attention regarding shapes, size and hardness contains minerals such as Bauxite, Kaynite, Mullite, Pyrophillite, Diaspore, High alumina China clay etc. for working on higher temperature from 1660*C to 2200*C and furnaces being charged with petroleum coke. Our High Alumina Fire Bricks provides high operational values in the furnaces in all respects.

High Temperature Dead Burnt Magnesite , Hard Surface Fire Bricks

Ceramic fibre blankets comes in a roll form and are used for any kind of insulation, behind the fire bricks, pipe and steam lines, water transmission body and the results are extra ordinary. Ceramic fibre blankets preserve the temperature dropping of steam in pipe lines and thus helps to reduce the consumption of fuel being used and therefore saves time and cost.

Bottom Pouring Sets for Induction & Con-cast Furnaces